Networked Performance

Moori :: Interactive system for audience participatory performance with mobile phones Official Moori site, http://www.b... Details

Computer Vision- Crowd

Crowd police This project is created with openframework and camera vision. A PS3 camera is mounted on the ceiling a... Details

Wearable Technology for

Wearable technology, Arduino, physical computing, ubiquitous computing. The system integrates a wearable user in... Details

3D Printer Music

Category: physical computing. Summer 2010, I interned at Makerbot Industry, DIY 3D printer maker. Here, I researched o... Details

Moori site wireframe

  Moori site wireframe... Details


<Monologue, online music store cover design>... Details


FLEUR (Flower - LED - Email - Uninotification - Receptacle) is an ambient, calm answer to the discomfort of current ... Details

Half Full Half Empty

Half Full Half Empty is a video installation projected on the water to raise the awareness of the world water crisis. Vi... Details


Prosody is a gestural based musical interface created in Processing using Minim sound library. A visual element (whi... Details

Redefining Time

Redefining Time is a research project to be recognized as a gestural interactive art installation. The installation ... Details

Flawesome Puzzle

Flawesome is a flash puzzle game. click on the scrambled flower piece and drag to put together the complete image of flo... Details

Musical Table

Concept: The Musical Table is a toy table that allows kids to play musical phrases by moving toys around the surface. Ea... Details