Storyline of the Questions

Q: How would audience members unfold the story line, and would they perceive same emotional impact as questions intend?

In this iteration the story line is designed on exploring stream of consciousness around people and surrounding in our daily routine. The story is designed in 3 scenes that are ‘Alone in Time’, ‘Encountering Strangers’ and ‘Finding of the Space’. Prior to the questions being introduced in each scene, the performer enacts a monologue. The monolog is a personal narrative and spoken in a casual tone. The monologue was designed in this way to encourage audience members to contribute their personal and earnest stories. In scene one, the performer started with,

    "Hello, welcome! Please follow along"

    "What is your name?"

    "What is your favorite hour?"

    "Why do you like it?"

    "Have you looked out of the window at 3 PM? What did you see?"

    "Have you looked out of the window at 3 AM? What did you see?"

    "Who did you see on the train today?"

    "What was he or she doing?"

    "Do you talk with strangers? If you do, raise your hand."

    "How would you start a conversation with a stranger?"

    "When you first walked in the room, what did you notice?"

    "Look at the person who is on your right. What is her or his name?"

    "What was the first thing you noticed about the person?"

    "Describe her/him"

    "What would you ask to that person?"

    "Look at the front now. Do you see me? Give me some applause."

    "Can you tell me something about me? You can draw me if you like."

    "Why are you here?"

    "What happens next?"